Lady Dominique

Your Fetish and Fantasy Connoisseur


I consider
myself a considerate Mistress, if you're looking for a cruel heartless bitch that has little concern for your interests; you are in the wrong place.
I like 
To get to know you and much prefer the erotic, the sensual site,
I like 
to humiliate, watch you crawl and grovel,
I like 
to push you to your limits, to see how far you will go for ME.
I do 
use pain and punishment, even not number one on my list, it definitely has it's place.
I also 
understand that you may feel embarrassed  and unsure at first,
I am 
very approachable, if there s anything that you feel uncomfortable about, just let me know. After all, 
our sessions are for our mutual Pleasure.

With over 20 years experience as a professional and Life Style Dominatrix, I don't think that your fetish or fantasy is to strange or to complicated, ask me! once you feel comfortable you can begin to enjoy a world 
you only have dreamed about.
I am 
happy to see the novice, as well as the more experienced, if you have a scenario you would like to re-enact or wish to experiment with a particular fetish or fantasy, but haven't found a Mistress suitable,

I may just be what you are looking for.

Lady Dominique