Lady Dominique


I get a real buzz out of this play! This really is submissive servitude at its best. Great for orgasm tease and denial, Electro-Stimulation devices are designed to pass an electric current through the body, 
delivering shocking results. This remains a firm favorite amongst CBT enthusiasts everywhere. There are so many toys to choose from; some designed to give you an electrifying shock from the inside out. What could be better? 

Genital Spanking:
This is spanking with a twist! I chastise those sensitive spots with a Flogger, Cane, Whip or even my Hands. You can’t beat a good old fashioned spanking to punish someone when they’ve been naughty. Although this is a new take on an old favorite, I must admit!
Sometimes I really want to heat things up and apply some Icy Hot to that sensitive area. Experience the ice cold sensation, followed by a deep burn that delivers intense stimulation. Have no fear; the Cream does not actually burn or cool the area, it just stimulates the Nerve endings, causing the Body to react in this painful yet exciting way. Or, if I really want to spice things up, I add a little Chilli or Peppermint Oil to your CBT!

Needle Play:
Want to turn that body of yours into a work of art? This play is sure to induce some piercing screams from you!
Perfect for those that enjoy a bit of edge-play, this sort of CBT is certainly about pain, but can also be a very sensual experience. Piercing stimulates greater reactions within the Body due to the Blood Vessels and multiple Nerve endings in the lower layers of Skin.
Sensation/Temperature Play:
This is what separates the men from the boys! Why not introduce some sensation/temperature play to your torturous torment? You may wish to try this combined with genital bondage or testicle cuffs, so that your bits and pieces are hypersensitive to every sadistic stroke. To make sure things remain HOT in your play I apply dripping wax or brush melted paraffin onto those sensitive spots, running a Wartenberg pinwheel over the exposed areas or even try some tickle torture. 
Alternatively, you will experience an all new kind of ‘chills’ when ice or cool metal objects are placed on your manhood.

Genital Bondage:
Want to add a touch of art to your CBT? Not only does binding the balls create heightened sensitivity, it also hinders orgasm, making it the perfect tool for tease and denial. Once the testicles are bound, the exposed areas will be tight and extremely sensitive. Mummification of the penis is a popular choice for making an erection a painful prospect. Now could be your perfect chance to enjoy some extreme sensation/temperature play.

Ball Busting:
Ever heard the saying, "they’re a real ball buster"? Well, this gives an all new, literal, meaning to the phrase! Ball busting, or ‘bb’ for short, refers to the act of kicking, kneeing or punching you in your testicles.
Ball Stretching:
It’s no stretch to say that this is the perfect punishment when it comes to a little bit of Genitorture.
A Ball Stretcher gradually applies pressure to the Scrotum, pulling it downwards and away from the Body. In addition, when attached it will stop those naughty Testicles from pulling a disappearing act.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

So, you’ve decided to grow a pair and give CBT a go? Well, now that you’re determined to grab your genitorture aspirations by the Balls, I promise that you won’t be disappointed! Most commonly, this sort of play involves using Ball Crushers, Weights or my Hands... a little flick can cause a LOT of pain. However there are so many ways in which you can reach your CBT goals, how do you know where to begin? Well, luckily for you I have been doing this for many years, so I can help you out;
Here’s my breakdown of CBT plays, followed by some of the specially designed tools and gadgets I use to make sure that your 'ball play' is always in the  ‘back of the net’:

Ball Crushing:
Your only 'vice'! Well it's certainly an enjoyable one to have ;) 
A Ball Crusher is designed to gradually squeeze the Testicles with the turn of a screw or nut. It’s up to me to decide how much pressure I put on you. This can also be achieved by Foot, whether bare, wearing Boots, or even wearing spiked Stiletto Heels if you’d rather not play with toys. You’ll be feeling anything but ‘crushed’ after this CBT play.
The Humbler:
What exactly is a Humbler, you might ask? 
The Humbler was used in medieval times as a male torture device. 
It goes behind your legs, while your are kneeling -You can guess what goes inside the little hole, then there are screws and tightening handles. When kneeling, that's all you will be doing, as this little device makes it almost impossible to move. This is a sure way to make sure that you stay and do exactly as I wish.