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Types Of Electro Stimulation used by me:
1.Pulse Based Stimulation are TENS and EMS units, these Devices output a pulse type waveform that is designed to safely stimulate Muscles and Nerves. This is arguably the safest form of Electro Stimulation.
2. Electrostatic Stimulation are high voltage Devices used to generate a spark which made to jump to the Body. This high frequency device is called Ultraviolet Wand.

Precautions in using TENs Units and Violet Wands:
I never administer Electro Stimulation on people with a Pacemaker or any kind of Heart condition.
I do not use Electro Stimulation on the upper Body and on/or Nipples.

I love to use Electro Stimulation for S&M play. It’s an excellent way to explore the pleasure/pain boundary without the usual risks of damage or lasting pain to the Body. 

Common Myths:
There are a lot of myths out there about Electro play. First, the sort of play I’m talking about is very different than being shocked by Household current or an electric Fence. Unfortunately, such things are often the only point of reference a lot of People have when it comes to “feeling” electricity. Proper Electro  Stimulation is done with devices made for use on the Human Body and feels entirely different than what a Novice might imagine.

Electro Stimulation

Electro Stimulation- pleasure or pain, What's your bliss?
Most people have played with some kind of Vibrator. Do you remember the first time you applied one (or had one applied)? Felt pretty good didn’t it? At the least, it was something new and different. Electro Stimulation is a lot like that only even more unique. It’s a wonderful way to add some new fun to your BDSM experience. The proper electric current causes both the stimulation of Nerve endings and involuntary Muscle stimulation. Both of these effects can be combined for a very erotic experience.

In summary, erotic Electro Stimulation can be a lot of fun when it’s done properly using the correct Equipment. For those of you who haven’t tried it, I suspect most of you will end up enjoying it.
Electro Stimulation can be incorperated and be a part of your BDSM fantasies