Lady Dominique

Sissy frilly Natasha here…
I love Lady Dominique! 
She has made me look totally beautiful, frilly, silky and girly.
I was made to serve her girlfriend tea and made to show my pink panties under my frilly maids dress-how humiliating-
I was then put in shackles for getting myself too excited, gagged for talking too much,
then had my panties pulled down and was spanked! She turns me into her little sissy toy every time I visit and trains me to take and do whatever pleases her on that day. I just totally adore her. I would love to have some other frilly sissy girls to play with and hope Lady Dominique thinks me worthy of this. 
Sissy Natasha

Good Morning Mistress Dominique.
I would like to thank You very much for our session last Tuesday. I was blown away by the care You showed in my particular fantasy. i was made to feel completely at ease and i loved every second of the session and i am looking forward to exploring more
Thank you,


Dear Lady Dominique,
I am just writing to thank you for your time last night. I had a wonderful time and I hope I did not disappoint you. I loved every minute of my stay with you. I was taken by your beauty and elegance. I enjoyed all the aspects we covered and my nipples are still very sore this morning. I hope you will afford me the pleasure of visiting you on another occasion in the future as I look forward to the plans you discussed with me last night for my next visit.  Once again thank you, it was superb and you made it that way for me. 
Yours Obediently

Dear Lady Dominique,
Thank you for the fantastic experiences you give me on my visits. You are an expert in your field. Your range of services is second to none. l particularly like the mental shame and humiliation which you perform so well. I always look forward to my visits. Thank You. 
Your faithful slave


Dear Lady Dominique,
I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic session on Sunday. A painful and humiliating hour under the control of a very sexy and dominant lady cannot be beaten. 
Yours respectfully

Dear Lady Dominique,
Your slave is putting some of his thoughts on paper concerning yesterday’s session.
The session was enjoyable, exciting and exhilarating and sensual.
i came with considerable trepidation but You mostly allayed those fears.
Mistress i can only say how much i am looking forward to our next session and to see where You will take me if You will allow it.
Your obedient and adoring,
slave bill