Lady Dominique

I'm what you might call a reverse Foot and Shoe
Fetishist, which means that I prefer to be on the receiving end of Foot Worship.
 I love dangling my sexy Shoe off my Toes, teasing you, kneeling in front of me and longing to kiss and suck my delicate Toes.
 As a facilitator of fetish forays, I am pretty familiar with this one.
Playing footsie is a wonderful activity that can be added to your BDSM repertoire.

Foot, Shoe and Boot Worship

A Heel-to-Toe Look at Foot Fetishes:
Admiration for a well-turned Foot, encased in a lovely Shoe or Boot is something many of us appreciate. 
Millions of dollars are spent every year adorning one small area of the Human Body: the Foot. From Jewelry and Nail Polish to silky Stockings, sexy Hosiery and all types of Foot wear, many of us give our Feet an awful lot of attention. 
As a matter of fact, so do I. I love the look of my Feet when encased in anything from sensuous, lace-topped Stockings to slinky, open-toe Sandals. 
And don't even get me started on Leather Boots ... or any Boots for that matter.