Frequently asked questions that are not answered elsewhere on the site.

Q: I send you an e-mail, but did not get a reply.
 1. you did not follow procedures, or your e-mail was incomplete.
 2. your e-mail was inappropriate, rude or disrespectful.
 3. you attached photos that have been offensive to me.

If you like a response to your initial e-mail, follow procedures and fill out the contact form COMPLETELY,
DO NOT attach any photos, I don’t care what you look like, nor do I like to see you naked.
DO NOT send me your life story, a short description of you fantasy will do.
Be respectful and honest.

Q: What may I call you?
A: To arrange a session you need to approach me as an equal, not slave Bob, or sissy Bob, just Bob. There is also no need to call me Mistress or Goddess at our initial conversation. I do not converse in character before a session.

Q: Can you please describe yourself?
A: I am originally from Germany and about 5'6", 140 lbs, 36 natural DDD, short dark red hair, green eyes, 
no tattoos or piercings.

Q: Do you smoke? Do you drink or enjoy recreational drugs?
A: I smoke, I do not drink and I do not use drugs. 
As a rule: I will terminate a session immediately, if you appear intoxicated or high.

Q: Can I see a picture of your face?
A: This is not possible, I am a very private person, anonymity is important, both for your sake and mine. My life outside of being a Dominatrix is full and varied. That said, I'm told my photos don't do me justice - people tend to be struck by my presence and looks when we do meet.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment with you?
A: Follow the instructions outlined on my Contact page

Q: How far in advance can I book an appointment with you?
A: I prefer 24 hours notice, possibly more for first time clients to complete the screening process. For established clients I will always do my very best to meet your needs. 

Q: Do I have to confirm my appointment with you?
A: Yes, appointments must be confirmed by 11.00AM on the day of our meeting, or they will be canceled and you will be considered an
NO SHOW and blacklisted.

Q: Appointments:
A: Once you book a session with me, it is your responsibility to be on time. Weather, traffic, business meetings or unexpected emergencies are facts of life and it is your responsibility to work around these obstacles and meet your commitment.  I make the same concession, so rest assured, I will be on time and ready.

Q: Cancellations:
A: My time is extremely valuable and I consider yours to be valuable as well. Due to the effort and preparation necessary to build a great session, I have a zero tolerance policy for last minute cancellations or NO SHOWS. You are responsible to pay in full for any missed appointment or NO SHOW due to your lack of consideration, before I can consider you for a future session. 

Q: Will you visit me at my hotel, home or office?
A: Sorry, I don't  provide out call service.

Q: I am very private, must I follow your screening process?
A: I value my safety, it is my top priority. I'm a very private person myself, however I must verify who you are before I meet you. All information is 100% confidential and will never be shared. I will protect you as I do myself, discretion on all levels is understood to be of the utmost importance.

Q: What is your negotiation style? Will I be able to set my limits and discuss expectations/ desires for the scene?
A: Negotiations begin with your first inquiry via the contact instructions listed on this site.You are also given the opportunity to express your desires and interests via phone consult ahead of time as well.  My negotiation style is structured yet conversational, it is important in my opinion for you to be able to speak freely and express your needs, desires, and limits. People often comment on how easy it is to open up to me.

Q: Do you see novices?
A: Yes, BDSM is fun and I love exploring with people new to the BDSM experience!  I love to meet new people and learning is a constant process for us all.

Q: Does BDSM always involve pain? 
A: No, not all sessions involve pain.  Some People want pain and others prefer a more sensual session. It's all up to you how much pain is involved.

Q: What qualities do you look for in a slave?
A: Chemistry is obviously crucial. Honesty, kindness, a good sense of humor, patience, self-sufficiency, good communication and listening skills. Life experience, confidence, endurance, and an eagerness to please.

Q: I’m interested in being your personal slave- where do I sign up?
A: First, consider whether or not you want to explore a real Mistress/slave relationship or is it only a Mistress/slave dynamic role play that you crave? I enjoy both. But it can take anywhere from 6 month+ before I even consider you as a personal slave (becoming my “personal slave” does not mean we don’t have a paid relationship). I like to take things one step at a time. Schedule a session, express your interest, and we’ll go from there. All relationships evolve organically and differ with each connection that I have.

Q: Does my body type, age, or race matter to you?
A: I prefer clients who are 35+ NO exceptions. 
Race or body type is of no importance to me.

Q: Can I bring you a gift?
A: Thoughtful and usefull gifts are always appreciated!

Q.  What are your thoughts on reviews?
A: I think that our time together should be special, and I do not like our session to be reduced to a meaningless review.  In fact, many of the reviews are highly fictionalized, apparently to suggest that the reviewer has special skills or qualities, and are unnecessarily explicit. When you meet with me, I do not compare you to others, and I would appreciate it if you would extend the same courtesy to me.  Therefore, I prefer our time together to remain special and not publicized to others to see. 
However if you like to send me a thank you e-mail and how much you enjoyed your session with me, you are certainly welcome to do so.

One Last Note:

I am an extremely private Dominatrix and I choose in-person engagements over cyber-interactions. It is also a top priority for Me to protect My privacy along with that of My patrons. In an effort to achieve these goals, you also should note the following:
 I do nothost parties.
 I do not
have a "Members" website.
 I cannot be found
on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram etc., nor do I have a blog or participate in online chat boards.
 I do not
produce or sell DVDs, online video clips or photographs of Myself, my subjects or My sessions.
 I do not
engage in e-mail or postal training.
 I do not
offer webcam or Skype sessions.
 I do not
use text messaging/sms (only e-mail and phones).

Q and A

Lady Dominique