Lady Dominique

My Hand, Your Ass: Erotic Spanking
If a little or a lot of pain is your pleasure of choice, you might want to bend over and give spanking a try.

Why Spanking is Sensual
A good spanking certainly has its perks.. In fact, erotic spanking has begun to pique the interest of an overwhelming number of women and men lately, particularly since the release of E.L. James' steamy best-selling novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey".
Why spanking, you ask? Well, it feels good, darn it! ​​Unlike other erogenous zones, the buttocks are fleshy and fatty. For most people, this means that a decent amount of pressure on the bottom is not only tolerable, but necessary in order to bring on pleasurable sensations. And, because the old derrière is, for many people, an erotic zone, a good spank can be the best way to fire it up. The act of spanking itself also has not-so-subtle tones of dominance and submission, which can be oh-so-sexy in and of itself.

What, exactly happens during a session depends on what you’re interested in, but it inevitably involves me  spanking you! It can involve role play and costumes, I love school girl and Maid scenes and have a variety of uniforms, but enjoy doing all sorts of scenes, or simply being ourselves. The atmosphere can be fun and affectionate or punitive, the possibilities are endless.


I love role play scenarios, but also enjoy spanking for spanking’s sake and indulging masochism. 
Here are some of the role play scenarios I like to play:
Wife/unfaithful Husband