Lady Dominique

Temperature Play

When you're blindfolded and when the wax is being dripped on your back, there can be a lot of tension or apprehension as you wait for the next drop of hot wax. How hot will it be? Will it be just a single drop or will I pour a stream of wax on you? Where will I let it fall? 
 The sudden feeling of heat can be both a sudden release from the tension, and can be a shock and quite intense. 
 As the individual drops set, or as a pool of wax cools and solidifies on your skin, it can feel like tickling or as if something is crawling there. 

Candlelight Moments:

Temperature play is a form of sensual BDSM play where objects and substances are used to stimulate the Body's Neuroreceptors for Heat and Cold for a sensual effect.
There are a number of interesting sensations and feelings involved in wax play: 

Temperature Play may be combined with other BDSM activity.

Hot Wax and Candles:

‚ÄčDifferent types of Candles produce different Temperatures of wax that can range from warm and soothing to dangerously hot.
Some People can tolerate  more heat than others and different parts of the Body will be more tolerant than others. 
My preference are Paraffin and Soy Candles.

I love to use Ice in combination with hot Wax, to provide a contrast in a scene.